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Town of Okotoks


Looking for the community feel of a town with the amenities of a city? You’ll find that here in Okotoks where over 28,000 residents live, work and play. Located on the Sheep River and a quick 18 kilometre commute to Calgary, Okotoks has a lot to offer. Over 90 per cent of the residents rate the quality of life as high or very high and it’s easy to see why!


Your day starts with stunning views of mountains, rolling hills and the Sheep River Valley; in fact, Kananaskis, with its year-round outdoor activities of hiking, biking, snow showing and fishing, is just a short drive away.  All your favourite big box stores such as Costco and Home Depot are in town, along with boutique shops offering unique products and services. Residents and visitors love attending annual events like our Light Up Okotoks, Taste of Okotoks, and The Olde Town Show and Shine.


Okotoks is one of the very few communities of this size to boast its own airport. In addition to a venue for air shows and flight training, property owners can build homes with attached hangers for their private planes on the Okotoks Air Ranch. Commercial flights are easily accessed in nearby Calgary. 


The town is steeped in culture. Okotoks is a Blackfoot First Nation word for “rock”. It refers to the Big Rock, the world’s largest glacial erratic that sits just 7 kilometres west of town, but it’s not just history that makes Okotoks so exiting. Our Drake Landing Solar Community is the first of its kind in North America and features solar and other natural energy efficient solutions. Each house in Drake Landing has thermal collectors on the roof and in 2012, achieved a world record of 97 per cent solar heating efficiency during the course of the year. 


Okotoks enjoys a thriving economy that dates back to the 1800s. A sawmill launched by John Lineham in 1891 operated for 25 years, employing up to 135 people and producing about 30,000 feet of lumber per day. Then along came the Canadian Pacific Railway, further boosting demand from the mill. One of the mill’s old buildings is still used today to house a law office and restaurant. As the new century dawned, four brick-making plants opened in Okotoks. In 1912, an astounding 12 million bricks were manufactured right here in town. You can still visit several buildings here that were built from locally-made bricks.


Okotoks has it all. A prime location, private airport, strong economy and so much more. The air is mountain-fresh, wholesome activities provide family fun, the work is steady and life is good. 


Okotoks, located 15 minutes south of Calgary, is a warm, inviting, vibrant and innovative town with an abundance of culture, history and progress.

Okotoks is currently undergoing an annexation process, expecting population growth over the next decades to approximately 80,000 people

Business owners know that location is everything.  Okotoks is in close proximity to urban centres, transportation corridors, & the  US border. This location provides commercial and industrial business with superior access to clients and suppliers.  Locate where your customers have good access to you and where your suppliers can ship to you quickly! Okotoks is the largest trading centre between Lethbridge and Calgary.


Okotoks a thriving, centrally located economic hub of commercial activity.  This, along with our fantastic location, affords our residents an enviable quality of life.  In the latest household survey, 98% of residents rated the quality of life as high or very high.


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